Rudi Caeyers is a Belgian photographer, living and working in Tromsø, in the north of Norway. He graduated in 1989 from St. Lucas in Antwerp and got a master of arts in graphic design, illustration, typography and photography.
During the 90's, he worked in Antwerp and Brussels as a freelancer, for mainstream media and publishers.
In 1999, he moved to Tromsø with his family and resides there now, working as a photographer and designer at the University of Tromsø (UIT).
In 2007, he joined on his first scientific expedition to the Arctic. Within the framework of IPY (International Polar Year), NPI, UIT and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute organised a 3-week scientific expedition to the Fram Strait, close to the northeast coast of Greenland. The Norwegian coastguard provided an icebreaker for the cruise. This was the start of several scientific expeditions to the Arctic.
The photographs and videos were met with enthousiasm and are now being used by several scientific institutions and the Foreign Office in Norway.